Workshops and travel

In November 2022, Marieke conducted two workshops for the Autumn School of MoSaiQC on behalf of Hertz Trainings for scientists. The 14 PhD students of this European consortium are working on projects around optical atomic clocks.

During the scientific presentations workshop, we practised various presentation skills. Participants worked on their use of voice and body language. We also tried out different ways of grabbing the audience’s attention, and connecting with them.

The second workshop focused on the imposter phenomenon: the feeling that you know much less than colleagues, and could fall through. It is estimated that up to 70% of scientists recognise this feeling to a greater or lesser extent at some point in their careers. For PhD students in particular, it can be a problem: they are busy learning new skills, regularly receive negative feedback, and encounter substantive problems that they do not always know how to solve right away. The workshop gave participants tools to deal with the imposter phenomenon.

The workshops took place in Innsbruck.