Narrative CV

A narrative CV is increasingly one of the elements of a proposal. These narrative CVs are part of the “Recognition and Rewards” trend in science, to acknowledge a broader range of academic qualities. In a narrative CV, you can highlight not only your research results, but also, among others, your knowledge and experience in other relevant fields. But how do you approach writing a narrative CV? How do you make sure it becomes more than just an enumeration of achievements, and how do you highlight the right points?

Together with Hakuna Matata, we have developed a workshop to help scientists writing a narrative CV.

During this practical workshop, you will work on your narrative CV. Exercises will help you gain insight into how you can accentuate your strong points and show your individuality. You will learn to use the principles of scientific storytelling to write a compelling story. We will also discuss the do’s and don’ts of structure and writing style. At the end of the workshop, you will have a strong first version of your narrative CV.

The workshop can be given both live and online.

The workshop is aimed at scientists at all stages of their career.