Supervision of PhD students

As a supervisor of PhD students, you have a lot of influence on the progression of the student. But how do you supervise your students as effectively as possible? When do you give the student room, and when do you give them more guidance? How can you efficiently supervise the writing process? And what to do when things don’t go as smoothly as hoped?

During the course Supervision of PhD students of Hertz Training for scientists, we will focus on the coaching role of the supervisor. The course largely consists of practical exercises: participants learn by carrying out assignments, receiving personal feedback and applying the lessons learn in their work situation.

Marieke has given the course Supervision of PhD students at various Dutch universities, including the TU Delft and the Radboud University.

STEM mentality works to promote enthusiasm for technology amongst pupils. One of the tools that they have developed, is a test to help pupils determine which “technical type” they are. This quiz is based on the a model that divides pupils into four separate technical types.

Marieke Hohnen rewrote the texts of the quiz to appeal to the targeted audience of secondary school pupils.

The test can be found here (only in Dutch).

Science communication workshop

The DRONGO language festival is a yearly festival for everyone who works in the language industry as well as everyone who is interested in language. As part of the program, scientists from various universities and institutes present their research.

Marieke gave an interactive workshop to 9 participants. The workshop discussed how to engage the audience with your research. Next to an overview of tips & tricks, specific examples of presentations, demonstrations and experiments were also discussed.