Find Out!

Teachers in primary schools can use the challenges of Find Out! to introduce inquiry-based learning projects in their class.

The challenges are available in five different levels and are published six times a year. Each edition has a particular theme, such as Prinsjesdag, Mondriaan, or vegetable gardens. The challenges are available via Heutink, and are an initiative of TechYourFuture.

Marieke Hohnen contributed to the challenges of April, June and September.

Faces of Science lesson

What does the daily work of a young scientist involve? And does it mean to do scientific research? In their blogs, the young scientists of Faces of Science talk about their work and daily experiences.

Teachers can use the blogs and films of Faces of Science to introduce students to the various fields of science and what research entails. Scientists from various areas, from languages to microbiology and sociology, blog for Faces of Science. This means that teachers from all subjects can use the blogs.

There is also a free lesson available (in Dutch only) for school career counsellors, which uses Faces of Science to introduce pupils to the work that young scientists do.


Faces of Science is a project of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), the Young Academy and NEMO Kennislink, with help from Fastfacts.

ExoMars Lesson

In October 2016, the first ExoMars mission reached Mars. This mission has an important goal: to search for signs of life in the atmosphere of the red planet. As part of this mission, ESERO NL commissioned Marieke Hohnen to develop a lesson for pupils aged 12 – 14. The lesson introduces the ExoMars mission, processes on earth in which carbon play a role and the carbon cycle.


The lesson can be found here.