Science Communication and Education

Outreach and science communication are not only worth doing, but essential. Not only for the public, but also for the scientific community itself. Making science more accessible and understandable to a wider audience, increasing scientific literacy and informing people about the scientific process and influence of science on our daily life is vital for creating support for science. And for the public, access to readily understandable, fact-based information is also indispensible. Next to these serious considerations science is also a source of fun, interesting stories and fascinating questions.

I have been working on developing, coordinating and implementing science outreach projects targeting both scientists and the wider community since 2002. With a background in physics, and fluent in English, Dutch and French, I am equally comfortable developing curricula and content (such as writing educational materials or the scripts for a MOOC) as organizing and coordinating projects. I have worked with and for a wide range of audiences, from primary school children to scientists and governmental organizations and have appeared on Dutch television science programmes.

If you are looking for someone to set up, organize or run an outreach project, or just would like to explore ideas, I would love to hear from you!